Indoor Air Quality & Testing

Breathe Cleaner, Healthier Air At Home (Get Your Air Quality Tested Professionally)


Allergies in North Carolina can be a real problem. Many people are not aware that it is not necessarily North Carolina that is the problem but it could be their home. Indoor air quality testing can be quick and affordable and may help discover potential issues related to hidden moisture or water damage, problems in the crawlspace or basement that are affecting the home and creating an unhealthy or unsafe living space.


How do you know if there is a problem? Getting answers is the first step in creating a healthy environment. Healthy Home Restoration not only specialists in testing for issues in the home but we are the leader in solutions for solving issues as well.


At healthy Home Restoration we truly care about indoor air quality. It is the basis for everything we do. It is important to identify if there is a problem but getting the right answers in a timely fashion with reasonable solutions is why you should trust us to help you with your home.

Healthier Air To Breathe

Basement & Crawlspace waterproofing ensures that the air you are breathing throughout your home cannot be contaminated by mold and water, which build up in your basement/crawlspace.

Protection Against Mold & Water Damage

Many homes in the triangle suffer from mold and water related issues.  Our Free Inspection Service Can identify areas at risk and our solutions are well thought out and proven through over a decade of complex problem-solving experience.
  • Experience – For more than a decade, we have been restoring NC homes affected by fire, water and mold damage. We will handle every job in a professional manner that reflects our experience in the industry.
  • Problem Solving – We take pride in our ability to find solutions to problems. We will avoid product-heavy projects to save you time and money.
  • Responsiveness – Healthy Home Restoration has a 24/7 emergency response team available for immediate restoration needs.

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