Basement Waterproofing

Notice Cracks In Foundation, Bowing Walls, Mold Growth, Water Damage, Or Odors On Walls?  You May Need Basement Waterproofing…

Do I Need Waterproofing?

There are few things in the life of a home owner worse than the discovery or worry that your basement may have an issue with moisture or water. The introduction of moisture or water damage to a basement can be costly to repair but that cost can escalate quickly as time goes by. Cracks in the foundation, bowing walls, mold growth or odors and water damage to walls and flooring or even contents, are all issues that can lead escalating cost or unhealthful conditions in the home.

The Best Solution Available

The question is not, if you should resolve these issues but more importantly, who to choose and what the correct method should be. At Healthy Home Restoration, we specialize in the repair of complex water proofing concerns by spending time to make sure the problem is correctly identified and then making sure the measures to fix them are the best long term for the home. 

We Focus On Air Quality

Many companies may specialize in water proofing for your home but may not be specialist in indoor air quality and the correction of issues with existing mold or water damage that resulted from the problem. At Healthy Home Restoration, we do both! Our goal is to identify and fix the issue but then to also ensure the indoor air/ environment is healthy and the problem resolved permanently. Healthy Home Restoration has the expertise and experience to fix the most complex water proofing issues AND is certified for Mold Remediation, Water Damage Repair and Indoor Air Quality.

Healthier Air To Breathe

Basement & Crawlspace waterproofing ensures that the air you are breathing throughout your home cannot be contaminated by mold and water, which build up in your basement/crawlspace.

Protection Against Mold & Water Damage

Many homes in the triangle suffer from mold and water related issues.  Our Free Inspection Service Can identify areas at risk and our solutions are well thought out and proven through over a decade of complex problem-solving experience.

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