Landscape Grading & Drainage

Let us help you convert your yard from a soggy unusable space to an inviting, functional, beautiful landscape.


Surprisingly, many local landscaping companies have a real knack for making things beautiful, but lack the skill to implement effective long-term drainage solutions.  At HHR, our goal is to design drainage systems that work and last while the look of your yard.


Our goal, ultimately, is to make sure your home is healthy.  Water collecting or gathering around your foundation not only can be bad for the foundation but can cause additional issues with the long term health of not only your foundation, but your family as well.


No one likes standing on a soggy lawn, or looking out at unusable space because of poor drainage or grading problems.  Let us not only improve your yards drainage, but allow for the space to be better used for friends, family, and entertaining.

Some problems can be fixed easily with some minor adjustments to the grading or landscaping around your home.

Healthy Home Restoration specializes in effective plans for drainage systems, water movement, and waterproofing services to keep water from causing many of the issues commonly experienced within the home.

“Surpisingly, many landscaping contractors understand how to make a yard pretty, but are not experts in the functionality of how their work handles keeping water away from the home.  A poorly thought out landscaping project around the home can end up causing more problems than it fixes, at great expense.”

Healthier Air To Breathe

Basement & Crawlspace waterproofing ensures that the air you are breathing throughout your home cannot be contaminated by mold and water, which build up in your basement/crawlspace.

Protection Against Mold & Water Damage

Many homes in the triangle suffer from mold and water related issues.  Our Free Inspection Service Can identify areas at risk and our solutions are well thought out and proven through over a decade of complex problem-solving experience.

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