Mold Prevention & Remediation

Have Mold Problems?  We Can Help.


Finding out you have an issue with mold in your home can be overwhelming. It is important to choose a contractor that has the training and experience to clean the home properly. Cleaning is only the first step though. There are hundreds of contractors that  will help to remove mold from your home but it is far more important to understand where the mold came from and how to prevent mold from returning.


One call to our office and we will schedule an inspection with you at your home. The inspection includes pictures and a detailed description of the problem followed by a conversation on why it is there and how to fix it. Our philosophy is to educate you on why this problem came about so you can be comfortable with the solution. At the end of our inspection our goal is for you to be confident with the process of getting your healthy home back.


Healthy Home Restoration has been in the mold prevention business since 2004 and takes the time to truly understand the problem. If you ask five different mold remediation contractors the same question about mold you are likely to get 7 different answers. The industry is unregulated and finding answers online can be even more difficult. Let us help with the clean up but trust us to provide answers to all your questions and solutions that make sense and are affordable.

Healthier Air To Breathe

Basement & Crawlspace waterproofing ensures that the air you are breathing throughout your home cannot be contaminated by mold and water, which build up in your basement/crawlspace.

Protection Against Mold & Water Damage

Many homes in the triangle suffer from mold and water related issues.  Our Free Inspection Service Can identify areas at risk and our solutions are well thought out and proven through over a decade of complex problem-solving experience.

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