I know what you are thinking, how does this have anything in common with either crawlspaces or fire damage or energy inspections or…. it just does!

First connection is that I love tennis and think this is an amazing accomplishment, congrats Rafa, second connection is water damage “….Nadal was much worse off Sunday when strong showers left the court slippery and the tennis balls heavy and clay-streaked. Djokovic, outclassed at the outset, emerged at his go-for-broke best, pushing around Nadal, who dropped a set for the only time in the tournament.”

Obviously, not exactly the water damage we usually talk about here, but never the less, nature forces that play havocs in all our lives and in this case threaten Nadal’s 7th win in French Open, are something that happen and we can not prevent. We all just need to find the right ways (like Nadal did) to react properly and lower/prevent the damage caused by them.

ps. If you like tennis like I do, here is the whole story , enjoy!